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Getting Started in Canvas

This guide will walk you through some basic steps for setting up your course.

Logging in

You can log into Canvas by going to and logging in with your UCID and UCID password. You will be taken to your Dashboard.


Your Dashboard will show colored cards for your courses. Click on the course you would like to work on.

Create or upload your syllabus.

There are a number of ways to add your syllabus to a course in Canvas. You can add it as a Page and a File or you can use Canvas’ integrated syllabus feature. Click Syllabus in Course Navigation and then Edit. You can copy and paste your syllabus here, where your assignments will be listed automatically below.

Set your course homepage

Your course homepage is the first thing your students will see when they open your course. You can set your homepage to be the Course Activity Stream, Course Modules, Assignments List, or Syllabus.

Add modules, assignments, and other content

You can add a module to your course and organize your course by week, topic, or another category.

To add Assignments, Quizzes, Files, Pages, Discussions, and Text Headers to your course, click the “+” icon for each module. All instructors can login to Canvas directly to access our help page which lists a number of tutorials for using Canvas.

Publish your course and content

Make sure all the content you want students to see is published. Items and modules that are published will have a green check mark next to them. You can also see what is available to your students by entering Student View.

Where can I go for help?

For more information about Canvas you can visit Instructor Training page.

If you have questions or need assistance with your Canvas course, please stop by the Office of Digital Learning in CKB G15 or contact someone from our team:

Blake Haggerty (973) 596-2912
Nikki Bosca (973) 596-3578
Amal Shah (973) 642-7050
Jolanta Soltis (973) 596-2925
Cassie Sardo (973) 596-5233

For additional questions please contact the IST Service Desk by calling (973) 596-2900, emailing, or visiting